The tax code is extremely complicated. By staying abreast of tax law changes, best practices and techniques, we help to preserve the wealth of our clients’ businesses and families.

Our tax professionals work as a team, each adding his or her specific expertise and knowledge to a client’s overall tax picture. Being proactive about tax matters keeps our clients ahead of the game, not just at year-end but also year-round.

Tax Preparation

Preparing tax returns for businesses and families is the core of our practice. We get behind the numbers to prepare accurate and timely returns so that you can be confident in your tax filings.

Knowing the nuances of federal, state and local tax codes helps us determine the best way to report income, deductions, gains and losses in the most beneficial way. You can depend on us to provide sound tax advice that’s right for your circumstances.

Tax Planning

A lot goes into tax planning, and not just at year end. We help our clients with both long-term and short-term tax planning relative to their business, family, estate, gift and philanthropic aims. Planning ahead can make a big difference in your tax circumstances.

In addition, our clients know that contacting NBZ before making a significant transaction can result in major tax savings. We can advise you on a tax-wise course of action before you take the next step.

IRS Representation

Taxpayers sometimes receive notices from the IRS or state agencies that require help from their CPAs.
Our clients know not to panic. We’ll handle it.

Litigation Support

NBZ often works directly with attorneys to help them understand issues related to tax or accounting. We also serve as expert witnesses in business disputes, divorce or other litigation.