Owners of closely held businesses will tell you that their success is built on relationships. We agree. We know all about closely held businesses because we are one.

Because we understand the unique challenges and complexities of starting and running a successful business, we can help clients avoid mistakes and take advantage of every opportunity. We work closely with owners, lenders, attorneys, and other advisors to keep companies growing and thriving throughout the business lifecycle, from formation to sale or dissolution.

In addition to our traditional tax, accounting, consulting and wealth management services, we also provide specialized expertise to closely-held business owners:

Tax Services and Planning

Among other considerations, we look at overall tax efficiency, not just for the business but for your family — and not just this year, but 5 to 10 years out, coordinated with your exit, estate and gift planning. Also, we can help you with choice of entity, which is significantly affected by federal and state tax laws, especially Tennessee laws.

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Many of our closely held business clients rely on our accounting and bookkeeping services. We also provide attest services for those required to have compiled or reviewed financial statements for funding or licensing.


Our input can help you make better decisions in a number of areas:

  • Operating agreements and buy-sell agreements
  • Key employee retention programs
  • Project financing
  • Purchase and sale analysis
  • Expansion strategy
  • Related party transaction consulting
  • Reasonable compensation planning
  • Succession, retirement, gift and estate, business transition and exit planning